About Us


We created Dekart Studio in 2000 to bring together professionals who are ready to grow in all directions and work with space-spatial architecture at the forefront of the industry.

The space-spatial architecture draws on sociology, psychology and deep understanding of the humans’ interaction process with objects and spaces.

Our projects are always more than just flat drawings. They reflect the processes and ideas of their time, the ambitions of the private and the purpose of public customers. We take responsibility for the thoughts and feelings of people and the story that objects will tell in decades.

We succeeded. We are entrusted with complex and interesting objects in Ukraine, Romania, Greece and the USA. Our portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, airport, medical facilities, residential complexes, parks, recreational spaces and hundreds of private properties.
Dekart Studio is able to listen to and to hear its customers from any industry. It transfers al kinds of complex ideas into world-class projects.


Dekart Studio is a team of like-minded people. The industry’s best architects, engineers, designers, designers and visualizers are constantly improving their skills to make our projects exceed customer expectations.


Dekart Studio participates in international exhibitions, conferences and competitions. It is highly appreciated in Ukraine and the world. We are proud to create an architecture that has no boundaries.