Dekart Studio provides technical supervision for the projects designed by a third party. Our architects thoroughly control the compliance with construction regulations and the quality of work. In the course of construction we timely introduce necessary amendments into the design documentation and propose changes that can leverage construction costs and enhance the quality and functionality of the construction project.


The change in the structure of the project can be introduced at the stage of design or construction. Such intervention demands a high level of professionalism, a lot of experience and precision. The competence of Dekart Studio team allows to promptly find structural errors and introduce necessary changes in the process of construction to mitigate risks and enhance commercial efficiency of construction.льства.


The speed of technology development often exceeds the speed of construction, that’s why correction of engineering system is a common practice in construction projects. The experts of Dekart Studio can help re-design engineering systems with regard to market innovations, a change in a project’s functionality or new financial objectives so that functional efficiency of the project is preserved.


The design projects which realization has been delayed, demand revision with regard to the changed goals and technologies. The projects which have difficulties at a construction or approval stage demand prompt and precise changes. The experts of Dekart Studio help reveal problems and offer effective solutions at any stage of designing and construction.


Experts of Dekart Studio carry out marketing research and prepare expert conclusions on the market situation, to help a client make a decision about purchase of a land slot, a choice of a construction project type, a target audience for their marketing campaign. We know what to build, where to build, how to build and whom to sell to, for a project to be commercially successful.