Waterfront: Reloaded Hackathon Happens In Odesa

Waterfront forms an identity of any coastal town. How does it look like in Odesa? We can’t imagine anything nice about the city, when all we see is ugly kiosks, piles of beach chairs and filthy restrooms. Meanwhile, Odesa is not just a seaside resort, it is a contemporary cultural and business hub, open for tourists all year round. We want to turn her into a city everyone would want to live in.

That’s why Dekart Studio teamed with the most progressive design school Projector and came up with a Waterfront: Reloaded hackathon. Within two days teams of architects, designers, managers and ecologists will create the waterfront they’ve been dreaming about. To make this happen we created an engineering solutions for the participants to play with: design recreational zones, accessible environment with convenient lanes and parkings, every infrastructure element needed, and, of course, business opportunities.

The teams are to create architectural concept and sketches, branding and marketing strategy, business plan and landscape design. Our mentors will be the leading experts in architecture, engineering and design.

The hackathon will take place in Odesa, on February 15-16th.