Our portfolio offers hundreds of private interior designs in different countries, different styles, different conditions. They have one thing in common: each of them is a reflection of a client’s dream. The challenge in this case is to help the client to turn their dream from feelings and impressions into a sketch, a draft, a design, a cost calculation, and then – into an ideal ready-made project.


A public or a commercial interior design is always more than just a color of wall paint or a layout of sofas. Such interior design solves a number of important tasks: ensures productivity and commercial success of a business, creates comfort for clients and employees, translates the idea and the message of the owner. Collaborative work of experienced architects and engineers results in restaurants you come back to over the years, airports you love to travel to again and again, hotels that get the highest scores in ratings.


The experts of the studio carry out the evaluation of the project and develop preliminary concepts, basing in the ideas and requests of a client. We work together with the client to shape a master idea, which reflects the essence of the design and gives maximum opportunities for the construction project, be it public, commercial or private.


The more detailed a client imagines a future interior design, faster and with more precision we can execute their request. Photorealistic 3D visualisations help to see in detail how the interior design would look and work. On demand you can see the interior design in VR-mode.


Execution plan of interior solutions includes all the builders’ blueprints, necessary for carrying out finishing works. A working design includes all the engineering networks and construction solutions for execution of the whole project. Innovative design tools allow us to introduce any changes into the working project promptly and accurately.


Designer supervision is crucially important in public and commercial interior designs, where uncontrolled changes in the course of construction may lead to considerable losses in time and fatal financial and reputational losses. This guarantees that a client gets exactly the interior that is pictured in the concept design, and the necessary changes would not affect the functionality of the project.

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    Waterfront: Reloaded Hackathon Happens In Odesa

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    Museum Concept Presented During a Contemporary Art Exhibition

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