Every land site has its limitations. We thoroughly analyze them before starting the design process. First we work with papers, then we go to the site and study the real situation. This work results in a conclusion on the site and future building’ possibilities and recommendations on how to achieve best results on the project.


This is the most creative stage of design, in which we together with a client envision the first picture of the would-be project – a visual solution for the client’s idea.

As a result the client gets a conceptual draft: a preliminary 3D scheme, which demonstrates the style of the project, its visual architectural image, its place in the urban environment and its interaction with this environment.


Engineering drawings show the feasibility of the project and allow to pass the expert appraisal of heating, water supply, sewage system, electric and low voltage networks. We employ a team of experienced structural designers and engineers of focused specialization, who prepare primary calculation documents in full compliance with the requirements of building regulations, so that the client could get the necessary specifications in the shortest terms.


Our experts use a balanced combination of practical knowledge, manyfold experience and innovative solutions. We design water supply and sewage systems, systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrotechnical solutions and lighting, controlling and dispatch systems, low-voltage networks, fire protection systems of any complexity.


In the process of construction the chief engineer, the chief architect and discipline engineers work on the site together with builders to ensure that all the architectural and engineering solutions are implemented with the maximum precision and technical details that allow to operate the building. The main objective of this stage is to balance a cut in costs with safety, the clients’ interests, and common sense.

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    Waterfront: Reloaded Hackathon Happens In Odesa

    Waterfront forms an identity of any coastal town. How does it look like in Odesa? We can’t imagine anything nice about the city, when all we see is ugly kiosks, piles of beach chairs and filthy restrooms. Meanwhile, Odesa is not just a seaside resort, it is a contemporary cultural and business hub, open for […]

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    Museum Concept Presented During a Contemporary Art Exhibition

    The building created to commemorate the victims of fascism was designed by Dekart Studio in 2019. Soon it will appear at Prokhorovsky square in Odesa, and meanwhile the locals and tourists were able to get a glimpse of the concept at a Cult Up: Odesa Creative Cluster exhibition hosted by the The museum of contemporary […]